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Musicals engage the emotions and imagination like no other form of entertainment.

A good story, be it based on fact or fiction, lets an audience immerse themselves in a way that opens their ideas and imagination. It holds up a mirror asking, “ how does this challenge your preconceptions and how would you behave in this or that situation?”

Good music and expressive lyrics reach into one’s heart and perhaps one’s soul; they warm or sadden or excite as the story and musical journey unfolds.

Musicals are great entertainment; a couple of hours or so that capture and expresses a microcosm of  the human condition, of life, love, hope, loss, fear, joy, ambition and so on.

Most of all musicals are fun; fun to create, fun to perform and fun to experience.

Unity Musicals aims for the audience to leave the theatre with more than they brought with them.  New learning, a fresh evaluation of self, something to smile about, something to laugh out loud about.

Our musicals are completely original, from the story, through the dialogue to the music and lyrics. In addition to staging our musicals ourselves, we offer them to musical theatre performance organisations who have the resources, talent and ambition to stage our works.


We provide support to productions without cramping creative or directorial imagination, leaving producers and directors free to make their own design and  interpretation decisions. 

Your feedback about how well we achieve our aims is crucial to our learning, our growth and our success, and the development of future Unity Musicals, so please do let us know what you think of our work.

Daniel McAvoy

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