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Audio & Video Productions

Covid-19 has postponed the staging of our musicals so we have turned to audio and more recently to video recording as a way of bringing them to an audience. Audio is a vehicle that allows and enables each listener to create their own visualisation of a story. I still clearly remember, for example, how vivid the original radio production of ‘A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’ was and still is, in my own mind.

We chose ‘Little Ships’ as our first audio production for two reasons: firstly because it is a story about a family that embarks on a perilous journey, of how they overcome many challenges and of how they come through it all safe and together. In many ways it is an allegory for what we all face during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our second reason for choosing ‘Little Ships’ was that 2020 was the 80th anniversary of the Dunkirk evacuation of the British army from France at the beginning of WW11. Although ‘Little Ships’ is not only about those events, they do play a significant part in the story.

We worked with the super group of actor/singers on the Little Ships production and they are shown elsewhere on our website, to record all of the songs, dialogue and narration, to which a background soundscape was added.

There are five approximately 30 minute episodes in our radio production of ‘Little Ships’. Episode One is available free at the bottom of this page. Episodes Two to Five are available to stream via the Audio & Video button at the top of this page .  

Little Ships has now been broadcast by a number of radio stations in England, Scotland and Ireland, and Canada. In addition I now have my own weekly radio show on Wednesday at 9pm GMT about my musicals and other new musicals. This show is on Expat Media radio, which has more than 90,000 listeners in over 100 countries.  In addition to me and my musicals and sometimes some members of my cast, I have other super writers and composers of new musicals describing and playing their own work on my shows.


In August 2020 we set out on a more ambitious journey, to develop and publish a video and an audio production of my musical ‘Uprising!’, the story of the 1549 peasants uprising in Norfolk, England. We have completed the audio production of Uprising! and the songs, episodes and the complete musical are available on this website. We plan that the video production will be completed and published in May.

Beyond this, we will consider the prevailing state of the Covid-19 pandemic and decide if we will make further video and radio productions or stage our musicals in the traditional manner, or maybe we will do all three.

Danny McAvoy

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